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22 april 2019

On Tuesday 1 November 2016, FOM organises a Gender-in-Physics Day in 'De Eenhoorn' in Amersfoort. FOM organises this Gender-in-Physics day in the context of the European H2020 project GENERA. GENERA aims the implementation of Gender Equality Plans for all major physics organisations in Europe with the objective to accelerate improving the current gender balance in the European physics community. 
For such an implementation it is important to discuss the gender policies and specific actions with all relevant stakeholders. FOM aims to focus on both their institutes and the university physics community. 

For whom 
We invite directors of institutes, deans, management, gender officers, human resource management, senior and junior physicists (female AND male) to come together, contribute to the discussions and together improve the gender balance in physics.

(Please download the full programme in the upper right corner of this webpage)
Starting at 10.00 o'clock, the programme of the meeting takes off with plenary talks to set the scene for in-depth discussions in parallel workshop sessions. The performance of current women-in-physics programmes and activities in the Netherlands and in the UK will be presented and the issue of gender and recruitment will be addressed. 

After lunch, physics/science managers, human resource managers, senior physicists and junior physicists will be asked to formulate in four separate workshop sessions from their perspective recommendations for future Gender Equality Plans for physics in the Netherlands and their expectations for a European network dedicated to monitoring the performance of these plans.

Workshop A – Gender Equality Plans and science management.
Workshop B – Gender Equality Plans and recruitment and career planning.
Workshop C – Gender Equality Plans from the perspective of senior physicists.
Workshop D – Gender Equality Plans from the perspective of early career physicist.

A panel discussion reviewing and summarising the recommendations will conclude the meeting at about 17.00 hours. 

Under the following link please register
The deadline for registration is 25 October 2016. 

More information 
For questions please contact GIP-day@fom.nl 
The organisation of the meeting is coordinated by Sandra Hesping, Job de Kleuver and Els de Wolf.