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23 juni 2017

* Call closed *

Focus sessions: call for suggestions
Focus sessions are an integral part of the programme at Physics@Veldhoven. In a focus session, four invited speakers give a coherent overview of innovative and topical research within a specific theme. The scope of the session should not be too specialized, but should also not span a whole research field. Typically, there is one international speaker per focus session.

The Programme Committee of Physics@Veldhoven 2018 invites you to submit your suggestions for focus session themes. These suggestions can be sent by email to physicsveldhoven@nwo.nl

The deadline is for submitting suggestions was Friday 26 May 2017.

This year, the programme committee is also open to different approaches to cover a focus session topic with e.g. panel discussions, pitches etc. This with two restrictions, a minimum of three speakers and a maximum of one international speaker, and a preference for a structure that fits with the 4x30 minute structure of the focus sessions (not a strict criterion).

In your submission, please state at least:
- your own name, or the anticipated chair if someone else than yourself;
- the proposed session title (maximum 100 characters including spaces);
- a short description or motivation of your session;
- names of the speakers you would like to invite (with a maximum of one speaker from abroad);
- in the case of a different approach to the focus session structure, a motivation and a brief explanation how this will be implemented.

When selecting proposed speakers we strongly encourage you to also consider female speakers.
The Programme Committee will assemble the focus session programme based on your suggestions.

You will be informed mid-June if your suggested theme is selected. When your theme is selected, you will be asked to organize and chair the session.