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20 juni 2018


Jorge Mario Salazar Ríos

The power of polymer wrapping; selection of semiconducting carbon nanotubes, interaction mechanism, and optoelectronic devices, RUG, Promotor(s): prof.de. M.A. Loi en prof.dr. J.C. Hummelen, Werkgroep: FOM-G-23

Pieter Johannes Westerik

Microfabrication for solar-to-hydrogen devices, UT, Promotor(s): prof.dr. J.G.E. Gardeniers en prof.dr.ir. J. Huskens, Werkgroep: FOM-T-35

Junjie Mao

Astrophysical plasma modeling of the hot universe; advances and challenges in high-resolution X-ray spectroscopy, LEI, Promotor(s): prof.dr. J.S. Kaastra, Copromotor(s): dr. J. de Plaa, Werkgroep: SRON

Tafizur Rehman

Studies on plasma-chemical reduction, TU/e, Promotor(s): prof.dr.ir. G.M.W. Kroesen, Copromotor(s): dr.ir. J. van Dijk, Werkgroep: FOM-E-22

Thomas Khouri

Magnetoresistance effects in topological and conventional systems, RU, Promotor(s): prof.dr. N.E. Hussey en prof.dr. U. Zeitler, Copromotor(s): dr. S.R. Wiedmann, Werkgroep: FOM-N-08

Deberati Bhaumik

Computational techniques for assessing power grids with wind energy and storage, UvA, Promotor(s): prof.dr. D.T. Crommelin en prof.dr. A.P. Zwart, Werkgroep: CWI

Frank Spoor

Carrier multiplication and cooling in semiconductor quantum dots, TUD, Promotor(s): prof.dr. L.D.A. Siebbeles, Copromotor(s): dr. A.J. Houtepen, Werkgroep: FOM-D-37

Mariska van Rosmalen

Viruses under the loop; their assembly process and capsid stiffness, VU, Promotor(s): prof.dr.ir. G.J.L. Wuite en prof.dr. W.H. de Roos, Werkgroep: FOM-V-09

Gede Adhyaksa

Understanding losses in halide perovskite thin-films, UvA, Promotor(s): prof.dr. E.C. Garnett, Copromotor(s): prof.dr. A. Polman, Werkgroep: AMOLF

Martijn Jongen

Patricle physics in the Mediterranean Sea; evaluating the potential of KM3NeT/ORCA for measuring the neutrino mass hierarchy, UvA, Promotor(s): prof.dr. P.M. Kooijman, Copromotor(s): dr. R. Bruijn, Werkgroep: Nikhef

Shyama Varier Ramankutty

2D Dirac electrons in 3D materials, UvA, Promotor(s): prof.dr. M.S. Golden, Copromotor(s): dr. E. van Heumen, Werkgroep: FOM-A-11

Parisha Khoram

Monocrystalline halide perovskite nanostructures for optoelectronic applications, UvA, Promotor(s): prof.dr. E.C. Garnett, Copromotor(s): prof.dr. A. Polman, Werkgroep: AMOLF

Michele Monti

A theoretical study of circadian clocks and circadian metabolism, VU, Promotor(s): prof.dr. P.R. ten Wolde en prof.dr. K.J. Hellingwerf, Copromotor(s): prof.dr. D.K. Lubensky, Werkgroep: AMOLF

Marise Gielen

Splashing drops, UT, Promotor(s): prof.dr.ir. J.H. Snoeijer en prof.dr. D. Lohse, Copromotor(s): dr.ir. H. Gelderblom, Werkgroep: FOM-T-03

Yuxiang Yin

Spin-orbitronics; novel interactions and magnetorestistances in ultrathin magnetic films, TU/e, Promotor(s): prof.dr.ir. H.J.M. Swagten en prof.dr. B. Koopmans, Copromotor(s): dr.ir. R. Lavrijsen, Werkgroep: FOM-E-28

Joris Vincent van Heijningen

Turn up the bass; low-frequently performance improvement of seismic attenuation systems and vibration sensors for the next gravitational wave detectors, VU, Promotor(s): prof.dr. J.F.J van den Brand, Copromotor(s): dr. A. Bertolini, Werkgroep: Nikhef

Shantanu Maheshwari

Molecular dynamics simulations of nanobubbles and nanodrops, UT, Promotor(s): prof.dr. D. Lohse, Copromotor(s): dr.ir. M.A. van der Hoef, Werkgroep: FOM-T-03

Joost Ridderbos

Quantum dots and superconductivity in Ge-Si nanowires, UT, Promotor(s): prof.dr.ir. W.G. van der Wiel, Copromotor(s): dr.ir. F.A. Zwanenburg, Werkgroep: FOM-T-31

Casper Rutjes

Modeling high energy atmospheric physics and lightning inception, TU/e, Promotor(s): prof.dr. U.M. Ebert en prof.dr. O. Scholten, Copromotor(s): dr. E. Camporeale, Werkgroep: CWI

Jacco Andreas de Vries

Asymmetries in mixed beauty decays, VU, Promotor(s): prof.dr. M.H.M. Merk, Copromotor(s): dr. J.A.N. van Tilburg, Werkgroep: Nikhef

Evgenia Douvogianni

Enhancing the dielectric constant of organic materials, RUG, Promotor(s): prof.dr. J.C. Hummelen en prof.dr. R.C. Chiechi, Werkgroep: DIFFER

Marc de Voogd

MRFM and the spin bath; towards single-spin massive-resonator entanglement and the spoiliing influence of the spin-bath, LEI, Promotor(s): prof.dr.ir. T.H. Oosterkamp, Werkgroep: FOM-L-35

Xiaojue Zhu

Taylor-Couette and Rayleigh-Bénard turbulence: the role of the boundaries, UT, Promotor(s): prof.dr. D. Lohse en prof.dr. R. Verzicco, Werkgroep: FOM-T-03

Jorick van 't Oever

On the interaction of waves carrying light, sound and small particles; wave-based methods for miniature laboratories and fast optical sensing, UT, Promotor(s): prof.dr. F.G. Mugele en prof.dr. J.L. Herek, Copromotor(s): dr.ir. H.L. Offerhaus, Werkgroep: FOM-T-17

Leroy Petrus Theodorus Schepers

Illuminating the plasma-particle interaction, TU/e, Promotor(s): prof.dr.ir. W.L. IJzerman en prof.dr.ir. G.M.W. Kroesen, Copromotor(s): dr.ir. J. Beckers, Werkgroep: FOM-E-22

Wouter Vijselaar

Bright ways to utilize the sun; towards solar-to-fuel devices, UT, Promotor(s): prof.dr.ir. J. Huskens en prof.dr. H. Gardeniers

Jeroen Meidam

Substantiating the void; strong-field tests of general relativity with the first direct detection of gravitational waves and fast likelihood evaluations for future tests, VU, Promotor(s): prof.dr. J.F.J van den Brand, Copromotor(s): dr. C.F.F. Van Den Broeck, Werkgroep: Nikhef

Solmaz Torabi

Organic semiconductors for next generation organic photovoltaics, RU, Promotor(s): prof.dr. L.J.A. Koster, prof.dr. M.A. Loi, prof.dr. J.C. Hummelen, Copromotor(s): prof.dr. A.P. Colijn, Werkgroep: Nikhef

Abhijay Awasthi

DNS of biomass pyrolysis and combustion in co-firing power plants, TU/e, Promotor(s): prof.dr. J.G.M. Kuerten en prof.dr.ir. B.J. Geurts, Werkgroep: FOM-E-19

Andrea Tiseni

Low-mass dark matter search with the xenon100 experiment, UvA, Promotor(s): prof.dr. F.L. Linde, Copromotor(s): prof.dr. A.P. Colijn, Werkgroep: Nikhef

Ke Guo

Shaping light emission for solid state lightning with plasmon nanoantennas, UvA, Promotor(s): prof.dr. A.F. Koenderink, Copromotor(s): prof.dr. Gómez Rivas, Werkgroep: AMOLF