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COR contributes ideas on Implementing Regulations, the financial system and governance

In the past month, the NWO Central Works Council has adopted the Implementing Regulations and has received a response to the advice the COR NWO gave on the New Financial System for NWO-I. COR NWO is also actively keeping an eye on the change to governance at NWO-I, which is increasingly taking shape.

Implementing Regulations

As we announced in ‘Inside NWO-I’ in January, there were still two Implementing Regulations about which no agreement had been reached. Lively debates took place in the last meeting of the COR NWO and eventually the executive board representative and the COR NWO reached a consensus. The focus in the set of rules now on the table is on sustainability and personal development. From 1 July 2020, for example, commuting by public transport will be fully reimbursed and an opportunity for self-study has been added to UVR 4. The COR NWO considers this to be a good step towards a sustainable organisation.

New Financial System for NWO-I

The COR NWO has advised the executive board representative on the New Financial System (NFS) for the NWO Institutes. We have received a verbal promise that our recommendations will be followed. On our advice, for example, a Deep Impact Analysis (DPIA) will be conducted to investigate whether there are privacy risks and where. The COR NWO is still waiting for a written response, but it is glad that its advice is being positively acted upon.

Governance at NWO-I

The change in governance at NWO-I is increasingly beginning to take shape. Job vacancies for an Executive Director for NWO-I and a Director of Operations for NWO-I have been published. The COR NWO will send a representative as an observer to the Assessment Advisory Committee for the job of Executive Director of NWO-I and will later be asked for its formal opinion on the substance of this position. In addition, the COR NWO has received a request for advice on the amendment to the NWO-I statutes and its internal rules and regulations. The COR NWO remains very vigilant about all the changes the new governance of NWO-I will involve and will continue to advise management, whether or not invited to do so.

If you would like to find out more about these or other topics, please visit the COR NWO-I page on the NWO-I-website  or contact Sanne Prins, official secretary to the COR though can also register with her if you would like to attend a COR meeting.

Newsletter Inside NWO-I, March 2020

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