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News from the Central Works Council (Inside NWO-I April 2020)

Last month, the NWO Central Works Council (COR NWO) provided feedback on the proposed changes in the statutes and internal rules and regulations of NWO-I. COR NWO also contributed ideas about what NWO can mean for all of its employees during the present coronavirus crisis. Finally, COR NWO evaluated the co-determination in light of the new governance structure that is starting to take shape at NWO-I.

Request for advice on amendment statutes and internal rules and regulations NWO-I

COR NWO has, just like the institute directors, provided feedback to the proposed amendments in the statutes and the internal rules and regulations of NWO-I. The NWO Executive Board will consider this input in the subsequent process. The Executive Board might still make a change to the proposed amendments. As soon as this is clear, COR NWO will publish an official recommendation.

Working during the coronavirus measures

Due to the coronavirus, the planned COR NWO meetings are held online, including those with the Executive Board representative. A delegation from COR NWO is thinking along with the Executive Board representative about what NWO can mean for all employees within the present circumstances. Do you have a good idea? Then let us know via

Evaluation co-determination structure

Now the new governance structure at NWO-I slowly is starting to take shape, COR NWO is also busy evaluating the way in which co-determination is organised. Does the current form still fit within the new governance framework? And can other improvements be realised? COR NWO regularly seeks contact with all local works councils. Together, we are trying to realise a structure in which all employees are optimally represented.

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