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News from the Central Works Council (Inside NWO-I May 2020)

The Central Works Council of NWO (COR NWO) has now met online for the second time and we have found a good way of working. For example, COR NWO has received a request for approval for the appointment of a new central health & safety coordinator. Furthermore, we are continuing to share our thoughts about the deployability of NWO employees during the coronavirus crisis and, together with the employer, we took another good look at the Implementing Regulation (IR) Commuting expenses.

Central health & safety coordinator NWO-I

At the start of May, COR NWO received a request for approval for the appointment of a new central health & safety coordinator. This coordinator advises, develops and implements policy with respect to employment conditions and the environment. The coordinator also ensures a correct and effective realisation of the policy. Therefore he/she will work closely with the health & safety and environmental employees within the institutes. The COR NWO health & safety committee has held intensive consultations with the head of P&O at NWO-I, Liz Schilt, and we expect to be able to send our reaction soon. 

Deployability during the coronavirus crisis

The taskforce Sustainable deployability regularly “comes together” and contains a delegation from COR NWO. The taskforce is compiling a survey for all NWO employees about their experiences with working from home. The aim of this survey is to itemise the positive and negative aspects of working from home, also for after the coronavirus crisis. It is expected that this survey will be sent out to employees by the middle of June. 

Temporary Implementing Regulation Commuting expenses

On 1 July 2020, the new Implementing Regulation Commuting expenses (IR 1) would have become effective. This encourages using public transport for journeys as much as possible. However, in view of the current situation this regulation is not appropriate. Therefore the COR and NWO thought about a new temporary regulation that better matches the reality. Meanwhile, the COR has also approved this temporary adjustment. You can find more information on the NWO-I website

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