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News from the NWO Central Works Council (Inside NWO-I April 2021)

The NWO Central Works Council (COR NWO) wants to thank all colleagues who ensured that everybody at NWO and NWO-I could resume work after the hack. Furthermore, COR NWO is organising elections in May because its period of office then comes to an end. COR NWO is looking for two candidates from the university workgroups (BUW); they will receive a contract extension for the time that they devote to their work for COR NWO. Finally, a new co-determination structure will be established with effect from May 2021 by creating a Group Works Council (GOR) to deal with subjects that only concern NWO-I.

Hack NWO

First, we wish to thank all NWO employees who ensured that NWO and NWO-I are up and running again. During the hack, COR NWO did not receive additional information, but it has now been brought up-to-date. We certainly want to be involved in the evaluation of this crisis and we would also like to agree upon a communication protocol for such calamities with the Executive Board representative.

Election BUW employees for COR NWO

COR NWO’s period of office ends in May, and so in addition to the usual COR NWO election, we are also holding an election for employees from university workgroups (BUW). Candidates can register until 6 May and the elections will be held on 28 May 2021. Good to know: BUW employees with a temporary contract, such as PhDs and postdocs, will receive a contract extension for the time that they devote to their work for COR NWO. Are you a BUW employee, and are you interested in standing as a candidate, or would you like to know more? Then please contact the official secretary of COR NWO, Sanne Prins, via

New co-determination structure: the COR and the GOR

As you know, the structure of NWO-I has changed due to, among other things, the arrival of a director NWO-I. Various things will change to ensure that the co-determination is well aligned with this. With effect from the new period of office in May 2021, subjects that only concern NWO-I will be dealt with in a new Group Works Council (GOR). This GOR will have the following composition: one representative from each local institute council, two seats for the BUW representatives and one for a representative from the new Works Council NWO-I Office. All members of the GOR will also automatically be members of COR NWO, which will also contain representatives from NWO-D. From then on, COR NWO will only discuss subjects that concern the NWO in its entirety. 

COR NWO on your intranet

All information about COR NWO can be found on the COR NWO page on the NWO-I website. COR NWO (and later the GOR as well) also wants to obtain a permanent position on the intranets of the NWO Institutes. As we would like to provide you with relevant information, we are busy developing content to publish on your intranet. If you have any suggestions or if there is information that you would like us to share via your intranet, then please let us know via

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