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News from the works councils (February 2023)

The new year started for the GOR NWO-I (NWO-I Group Works Council) with a full portfolio of subjects to discuss, including the Development Operations NWO-I programme: in which phase is the consultation about the request for advice on the nine domains?
The COR NWO (NWO Central Works Council) is negotiating about the Implementing Regulations 2023 with the Executive Board representative.

News from the GOR NWO-I


Development Operations

The GOR-NWO-I has already largely completed the first five requests for advice concerning domains within the Operations Development programme. Preliminary advice has been issued for the domains Legal Affairs & Privacy, Health and Safety & Environment, Communication, and Policy Support & Strategy. This means that the GOR NWO-I will receive a request for advice about the further elaboration of the plans at a later moment.
The domain Accommodation & Facilities Management had been elaborated to such an extent that the GOR NWO-I could provide complete advice. To complete this first package, the Executive Board representative now needs to respond in writing and state how the advice from the GOR NWO-I will be used. If the advice is rejected, then the reasons for this need to be provided. Meanwhile, the GOR NWO-I has received the last requests for advice for the other domains as well.
The second package includes the domains of Finance & Control, Personnel & Organisation, Procurement, and ICT & Security. The Executive Board representative and the GOR NWO-I will itemize the required information to be able to draw up advice. The substantive discussion will only take place after that has been done and, as agreed with the Executive Board representative, after the advice trajectory for package 1 has been completed. However, that does not mean that the GOR NWO-I has remained idle over recent weeks. For example, we have consulted the local works councils of the NWO Institutes about the requests for advice for package 2. This has yielded a lot of input for the substantive discussion.

Implementation Youforce: request for advice and approval

At the start of January, the GOR NWO-I received a request for advice and approval concerning the implementation of the personnel system Youforce for the entire NWO-I. The implementation of Youforce covers several points that require approval, such as the registration of sick leave and how NWO-I stores and protects personal details. During the next consultative meeting, the GOR NWO-I will discuss this subject with the Executive Board representative.

Implementation SURF SOC/SIEM: request for advice

SURF is a cooperative association in which universities, universities of applied sciences, vocational colleges, university medical centres and research institutions work together to purchase the best possible digital services or to develop these. SURF has established its own security operations centre (SOC) with Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), a system that increases the security of connected institutions by monitoring threats and preventing cyber security incidents. NWO-I is a member of SURF.

On 8 June 2022, the Foundation Board took the intended decision to switch to SURF SOC/SIEM, so that the organisation will be better protected against cyber threats. All institutions will be connected to this SOC/SIEM, with the exception of Nikhef and the NWO-I office. Nikhef has organised its security in collaboration with CERN and NWO-D provides the SOC/SIEM for the NWO-I office. The works councils of the institutes concerned have received a request for approval about the privacy aspects. As the implementation of the SOC/SIEM is an important technical facility, advice has also been requested from the GOR NWO-I. The subject will be discussed during the next consultative meeting as well.

News from the COR NWO


Governance NWO-I

At the end of last year, the COR NWO received a request for advice about the intended change to the governance of NWO-I. Meanwhile, the Executive Board representative has informed the COR NWO that the request for advice will be modified. Therefore, the consideration of the advice has been put on hold.

Implementing Regulations 2023

The current Implementing Regulations were valid until 31 December 2022. As we have not yet reached an agreement with the Executive Board representative about the new Implementing Regulations, the 'NWO Implementing Regulations 2020-2022' remain in force.

Negotiations started in the fourth quarter of 2022 and are taking place between a delegation from the employer and from the COR NWO. We are optimistic that we will reach an agreement by the end of March at the latest, after which, as far as we are concerned, the new Implementing Regulations can become effective as quickly as possible.


The COR NWO has called upon the Executive Board to appoint an ombudsman as part of the social safety policy. Via the COR NWO, GOR NWO-I, and OR NWO-D, the NWO and NWO-I work councils have requested attention to reducing the threshold for reporting socially undesirable and unsafe situations and making these discussable. An ombudsman with research and mediation powers could make a good contribution to this, according to the COR NWO. The Executive Board representative is positive about this suggestion. In the coming period, it will be investigated what the role and added value of an ombudsman would be.


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