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News from the works councils (November 2021)

As announced in the last newsletter, the Groups Works Council (GOR NWO-I) has started alongside NWO Central Works Council (COR NWO). Therefore, the name of this section has been changed from “News from the COR NWO” to “News from the works councils”. The GOR NWO-I is made up of the employees from all nine NWO Institutes, the university workgroups (BUW) and the NWO-I office, represented by members from the local works councils. Besides the GOR members, COR NWO also has three representatives from the works council of the domain organisation of NWO (NWO-D). In this newsletter, we give you an update about the composition of the COR NWO and GOR NWO-I as well as the latest news.

Composition COR NWO and GOR NWO-I

First of all, the COR NWO and GOR NWO-I elected their executive committees (EC). The EC of COR NWO consists of Tamara van Mölken (NWO-D, chair), Peter Kluit (Nikhef, deputy chair) and Rachid Chafi (NWO-D, secretary). The EC of GOR NWO-I consists of Patricia Vogel (NWO-I office, chair), Peter Kluit (Nikhef, deputy chair) and Bas Steenbeek (AMOLF, secretary). Official secretary Sanne Prins supports both councils. If you have a question or suggestion or want to submit something to the COR NWO or GOR NWO-I, we can be reached via or

News from COR NWO

Advice governance NWO-I
An independent advisory committee has been established to evaluate and issue advice about the current governance of NWO-I and, in particular, the administrative representation of the institutes at the level of the NWO Executive Board. The composition of this committee is now known, and COR NWO has also been invited for a meeting with the advisers. As the final recommendations can also have consequences for NWO in its entirety, this subject is being handled by COR NWO. After all, the NWO Executive Board is also the commissioning body.

Continuation temporary Implementing Regulations (IR)
COR NWO has agreed with the Executive Board representative to maintain the temporary agreement about commuting and working from home expenses until at least 1 January 2022. In the meeting of November 2021, we will discuss with the Executive Board representative how we will proceed after 1 January. Hopefully, the corona measures will then no longer be necessary, and we will genuinely be able to look ahead!

News from the GOR NWO-I

Privacy policy NWO-I
One of the first items received by GOR NWO-I was a request for approval about the introduction of the privacy policy at NWO-I. During the first meeting, the intended policy was discussed. We could pose questions to Jan van der Boon, Director of Operations NWO-I, and Cora Arts, Privacy Coordinator NWO-I. GOR NWO-I is pleased that there is now a clear policy for optimising the quality standard by which personal data are processed and protected and that, accordingly, the relevant privacy legislation is satisfied. The GDPR/Privacy committee has both COR and GOR members, and they are Gerben Kaas (DIFFER), Sylvianne Roscam Abbing (ARCNL) and Rachid Chafi (NWO-D). They are periodically informed about possible changes and this committee will also monitor how all NWO-I employees are informed. GOR NWO-I is also calling for extra attention to increase the awareness of NWO-I employees about privacy.

Operations/further development NWO-I
Bureau Rijnconsult already supported NWO-I in the further development of the organisation. Their role has now been expanded, and they will also assume responsibility for part of the advisory trajectory. On 5 October, GOR NWO-I received a detailed explanation about the process and questions could be posed. Although we think that GOR NWO-I could have been involved earlier in the process, we are, however, of the opinion that the involvement of Rijnconsult is necessary. We have asked the Executive Board representative if we can be more closely informed from now on so that we can exert a genuine influence on the decision-making process in the future.

Contact person university workgroups (BUW) employees
GOR NWO-I and COR NWO also represent the interests of the BUW employees who formally fall under NWO-I. At present, there is no representative from the BUW employees in the GOR NWO-I and COR NWO. Henk de Haas (NIOZ) is therefore the contact person for the BUW employees. Are you a BUW employee, and are you interested in developments within NWO or do you have suggestions or issues for GOR NWO-I or COR NWO? Then you can reach Henk via

Newsletter Inside NWO-I, November 2021

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