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NWO strategy reaches phase 3: hauling in the information and design

The second phase (consultation) of the NWO strategy process was completed at the end of February. The outcomes of the survey (NWO-D and NWO-I) have been processed, and in-depth focus sessions were held. On 10 March, two consecutive webinars were organised, one in Dutch and one in English (with Jacqueline Mout). During these webinars, feedback was provided about the main outcomes from phase 2. Meanwhile, phase 3 has started: hauling in the information and design, during which we will write draft texts for the new strategy.

In-depth focus sessions

Over the past few weeks, a lot of work was put into organising internal and external focus sessions. We discussed the new NWO strategy with subject experts and experiential experts from inside and outside the organisation. On the basis of four building blocks (attractive research culture, unrestricted collaboration, robust funding and coherent research agenda), we facilitated discussions about dilemmas and possible solutions in order to pass these on to the NWO Executive Board. During the internal focus sessions in February, the results of the internal survey were also analysed. The figure at the bottom of this page illustrates the next steps in the strategy process.

Feedback sessions in the form of webinars

On 10 March, NWO organised two webinars about the strategy process (click here to look back on the English webinar). NWO-D and NWO-I employees were invited to these. During the webinars, the strategy team provided feedback about the survey results from NWO-D and NWO-I. Also, the main outcomes from the in-depth focus sessions held in February were shared. Besides sharing information, there was also room for interaction, any afterthoughts, and identifying any possible missing elements. With the webinars, the windows open phase was completed. From now on, NWO will begin to write the new strategy.


If you have any questions, please contact Jacqueline Mout of Miriam Roelofs from the NWO-I office.

Newsletter Inside NWO-I, March 2022
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