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Shaping the NWO strategy 2023-2026: opening the windows

The current NWO strategy comes to an end next year. An organisation-wide project group is working on shaping the new NWO strategy. This process is now entering the phase of ‘opening the windows’. This means that the project group is eliciting answers from stakeholders within and outside of NWO to questions about important developments and subjects. The project group will incorporate these outcomes in writing the new strategic plan 2023-2026 that the Executive Board wants to approve in the spring of 2022.

Obtaining input from the organisation

On behalf of NWO-I, Jacqueline Mout and Peter Spijker (policy advisers from the Department Strategic Support of the NWO-I office) are members of the project group that will shape the strategy. A four-step approach was designed to obtain internal input: 1) at the start of December, employees from NWO-D received a survey; employees from NWO-I will receive this survey, also in English, in January 2) on 2 December, a webinar was held (see the NWO intranet to watch this again) and the president of NWO, Marcel Levi, recorded a video message specifically for NWO-I (; 3) in December and January different focus sessions will be held with different NWO-wide expert teams; and 4) end of January/start February 2022 a general (digital) meeting is planned for anybody who could not sufficiently share their ideas. This means that every NWO-I-/NWO-D employee has at least two moments when they can provide input.

Outside of NWO

The outcomes will soon give a picture of the subjects important to all NWO employees and the emphases that the organisation wants to apply to these. Researchers who have received funding from NWO will receive an invitation to complete a survey for external stakeholders. Therefore, this might be received by several NWO-I employees as well, and there may be some overlap with the questionnaire for employees from NWO-I/NWO-D.

Want to know more?

Jacqueline Mout and Peter Spijker hope that as many NWO-I employees as possible complete the survey to ensure a maximum level of input by NWO-I in shaping the strategy. Mout: ‘Which accents will we place in the new strategy? Which subjects should receive more or rather less attention? That is what we would like to know from our colleagues.’

Newsletter Inside NWO-I, December 2021

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