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Arrange all your pension matters online

Your pension is not a subject that you deal with each day. Many people simply think that it is something for later. However, nothing could be further from the truth. You may inadvertently be confronted with a pension even at a younger age, for example due to work disability or in the event of death. So make sure you are well informed about the pension that you as an NWO-I employee have built up with ABP, the pension fund for employees in the government and education sectors. You can view all information online and arrange everything via


All NWO-I employees, with the exception of those who receive funding from a European grant or do not fall under Dutch social benefits legislation, are insured with the ABP pension fund for employees in the government and education sectors. This applies to both old age and partner pension (in the case of your death) as well as work disability.

Arrange online

Via, you can arrange your pension matters online. For example, you can gain insight into what the consequences for you will be if you work for more or less hours. For general information about your pension, you can also consult the ABP website.

Find out more

For more information in English, visit the ABP website. Do you have any questions? The local P&O Department or the staff of the NWO-I office P&O Department will be happy to inform you or to answer your questions.

Newsletter Inside NWO-I, November 2021

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