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Survey provides insights into options for part-time working from home in the future

NWO and NWO-I, together with the Central Works Council (COR NWO), are conducting a survey on how employees experience working from home during the coronavirus measures. We are curious to discover your insights into working from home.

Insight into working independently of time and location

Working from home during the coronavirus crisis has given new insights into working independently of time and location. In some places, it was thought that working from home was only possible to a limited extent. However, we have discovered that even when employees work from home on a large scale, many activities can still continue. Nevertheless, some activities cannot be realised from home, and it has become clear that the home situation affects the possibilities to work from home.

Future of flexible working

The aim of this survey is to collect information from all employees about their experiences of working from home during the coronavirus measures. This information will contribute to the future implementation of flexible working for NWO-D, NWO-I and the institutes. 

On Tuesday 16 June, all employees received an invitation by e-mail from the Monitor Group to complete the survey about working from home. Do you still need to complete the survey? Then please could you be so kind as to do this before Friday 3 July.

The results of the survey will be published on the intranets of the individual organisational units in the second half of July. Do you have any questions about the survey? Then please contact Ghislaine de Meij, HR Advisor NWO-I via

Newsletter Inside NWO-I, June 2020

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