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Update strategy process NWO

It is 2022, the year in which the new NWO strategy will be presented to Robbert Dijkgraaf, the new Minister of Education, Culture and Science. In this edition we give you an update about the strategy process of NWO: we got a high response rate on the internal survey and the preparation of the in-depth (thematic) focus sessions with both internal and external stakeholders is in full swing.


The internal survey has been completed 520 times by colleagues from NWO-D, the NWO-I office and the institutes, which constitutes a very good turnout. In addition, the open questions in the survey were answered in a detailed manner.

In-depth sessions

The strategy team is currently in the process of preparing the in-depth (thematic) focus sessions with both internal and external stakeholders. The focus sessions will form the second part of the ‘windows open’ phase. In these sessions, we will use the draft vision document and internal survey to explore several themes in greater depth with experts.

What other plans do we have?

Of course, we would also like to know what our stakeholders think of NWO in general, and include those outcomes in the new strategy too. Therefore NWO has invited stakeholders to complete an external reputation survey. We will use the survey outcomes as input for the new strategy as well.

What can you expect next in the strategy process?

After the aforementioned focus sessions in January and February, there will be an online session for all NWO employees at the end of February. During this session, feedback will be given about the outcomes from the internal consultations. And you will also be given the opportunity to submit suggestions and additions about aspects, which in your opinion need further elaboration.


If you have any questions, please contact Jacqueline Mout from the NWO-I office. 

Newsletter Inside NWO-I, February 2022
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