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Holiday, insurance & discount

A travel insurance from OHRA
Discover. Swim. Relax. Lounge. Admire. Explore. Whatever you do during your (summer) holiday, you want to be genuinely free. And you want to enjoy yourself without any worries. That’s why a good travel insurance is so handy: in case something goes wrong, your things are stolen or there is an emergency back home, which means you need to come back earlier. NWO-I has made collective agreements with healthcare insurer OHRA. As an employee of NWO-I, you also get a discount on your travel insurance from OHRA.


No matter where you go on holiday and what you do, you would like to enjoy yourself without any worries. OHRA therefore takes care of things should something go wrong during your holiday. For example, if your baggage gets lost, your camera is stolen or you need to return home early due to an unfortunate family situation.

Your backup 

If something goes wrong, OHRA ensures that your damage is reimbursed or that you can purchase replacement goods. We ensure that you can return home in the event of an emergency, and we protect you from those huge and unexpected costs for foreign healthcare. The OHRA travel insurance also helps you if your holiday suddenly turns out different than planned.

Collective insurance with a discount

As an employee of NWO-I, you can conclude a collective insurance with a discount via OHRA. Many employees already have an OHRA health insurance. And you can also take out OHRA travel insurance: a short-term or continuous travel insurance or a cancellation insurance.

A few of the benefits: 

  • Continuous travel insurance: this is often cheaper than a short-term travel insurance from 14 days of holiday upwards. Your dog or cat is also insured.
  • Short-term travel insurance: can be taken out last minute, and children up to 5 years of age are insured free of charge.
  • Cancellation insurance: you can take this out separately, both as a continuous or short-term insurance.

More information

You can find more information on the OHRA website (only available in Dutch). And you can also contact OHRA by phone on +31 (0)26 205 2461.

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