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August 16th 2018

Employees NWO-I
You can find an overview of the people working at NWO-I here.

Address NWO-I
Postal address: PO Box 3021, 3502 GA Utrecht
Visiting address: Van Vollenhovenlaan 659, 3527 JP Utrecht
Phone: +31 30 600 12 11
Fax: +31 30 601 44 06

Website: www.nwo-i.nl
E-mail: info-nwoi@nwo.nl
RSIN: 002882243
BTW-nr.: NL002882243B01

Some of our NWO-I employees are stationed at the NWO Office in The Hague. For more information, please vist the NWO website.

How to reach NWO-I: by public transport
If you travel by public transport, then we advise you to travel by tram. The tram stop 5 Mei Plein is right in front of the office of NWO-I. The fast tram that stops here leaves every ten minutes or so from Utrecht Central Station*. Both the trams in direction IJsselstein and in direction Nieuwegein will stop here. From the tram stop you cross the street to your left and walk around the silver-grey building to reach the main entrance to the office.
*The tram stop at Utrecht Central station is located on the side of 'Jaarbeursplein'.

For further information and for travel advice:
Plan your route to us by public transportation.
http://u-ov.info/ (in Dutch only)
www.regiotramutrecht.nl (in Dutch only)
http://9292.nl/en (in English)

How to reach NWO-I: by car 
Please note! Severe traffic disruption around NWO-I
You can download the detailed directions to NWO-I in the upper right corner of this page. In the directions you will find information about the traffic disruption around NWO-I.
Plan your route to us by car.

Please note! Parking at NWO-I
It is prohibited to park your car alongside the sidewalk at NWO-I. We kindly request you to park your car only in the designated parking spaces.

Please note! Increase in car burglaries around the office of NWO-I
The NWO physics office is located in the Transwijk-Noord neighbourhood in Utrecht. Utrecht City Council has informed us that there has been another serious increase in car burglaries since the autumn of 2015. This mainly happens from the end of the afternoon when it starts to get dark until the next morning. Cars burgled have mainly been in the area of the Van Vollenhovenlaan, the street where the office is located. Most of these vehicles have been burgled to steal parts for popular brands such as the Audi A3 and Volkswagen Golf. But sometimes cars have been burgled for nothing of value: items such as a pair sunglasses, a pack of chewing gum or a scarf lying in the car have then been taken. The cars are burgled in a matter of seconds and in full parking areas it is easy for the perpetrators to hide between the cars. The police will patrol the area more and residents are also being asked to be extra alert. As a visitor to NWO-I we want to make you aware of this situation and request you to bear this in mind if you visit the office by car. Please leave nothing whatsoever in your car when you visit NWO-I!

Electric car charging point near NWO-I
If you drive an electric car then a charging point is vitally important. Near the office two public charging points are available at the Van Vollenhovenlaan 641, in front of the entrance of ERC De Keizershof (the building next to the office). For more information, please see: http://www.oplaadpalen.nl/laadpaal/83378

Roadworks region Utrecht
When you are travelling by car, you can be bothered by roadworks in the region of Utrecht, (A2/A12/A27 and A28). For up-to-date information, travel information and alternative transportation options (in Dutch only):

For questions and remarks
For general questions or remarks please contact the Communication Department.
For questions or remarks about the website please contact the webmaster.
For reporting vulnerabilities in our systems, please see our Responsible Disclosure policy.

You can also pose a question by using the form below. You will receive a confirmation of your question by email. We will answer you as soon as possible.