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Information about the COR NWO

COR NWO (NWO Central Works Council) is composed of representatives from the NWO Domain Organisation, the NWO Institutes, the NWO-I Office and the Administrative Unit for Research Groups at Universities (BUW).
Together with the Executive Board, COR NWO works on the proper functioning of the entire of NWO and NWO-I. We consider subjects such as the Implementing Regulations (IR), the introduction of the new job classification structure and governance.

How we do that is established in the Dutch Works Councils Act (WOR: Wet op Ondernemingsraden). Amongst other things, it states that the COR has the right to information as well as which instruments it has to realise its co-determining role properly. The most used instruments are:

  • Request for advice
    The Executive Board requests advice from the COR about a certain subject. This advice is not binding and the Executive Board can decide to ignore it. However, the COR can lodge an objection against a decision taken by the Executive Board at the Enterprise Chamber of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal. In practice, good consultation with the Executive Board often results in positive advice with which recommendations from the COR are adopted.
  • Request for consent
    The Executive Board requests consent from the COR for a certain intended decision. This request is an instrument that carries more weight. In the event of negative advice from the COR, the Executive Board must (temporarily) stop the intended plans and review these. With this instrument, the Executive Board and the COR also try to reach an agreement within the boundaries of reasonableness.

Would you like to know more about the work of COR NWO?

The current term of COR NWO runs until May 2021. Here you can see the members of the former COR NWO. If you have any questions or if you would like to attend one of the COR meetings, then please send an email to Sanne Prins, official secretary of the COR:
Via this email address, you can also register for the COR mailing list. You will then receive the agendas and the approved minutes of the COR meetings and of the consultative meetings with the Executive Board.

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