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Co-determination within NWO

NWO is a large organisation. There are therefore three levels of co-determination bodies to ensure that all employees are represented:

  • NWO (as a whole) – central works council – COR NWO
  • NWO-I – the group works council – GOR NWO-I
  • Local – each institute has its own works council, and separate works councils have also been appointed for the NWO-I office and NWO-D

Please click here for a detailed description of co-determination. The rules for co-determination are established in the Works Council Act (website in Dutch). These state, amongst other things, that a works council has the right to information and which instruments are available to properly realise co-determination. The most used instruments are:

  • Advice right
    The director requests advice from the works council about an intended decision, usually about changes in the organisation.
  • Consent right
    The director requests consent from the works council about the intention to introduce or change something. Consent right often concerns regulations that are not established in the collective labour agreement.

Would you like to know more about co-determination?

Do you have questions about co-determination within NWO or would you like to attend a meeting? Then please send an email to Sanne Prins, official secretary of COR NWO and GOR NWO-I. You can also register for the mailing list of GOR NWO-I and COR NWO. You will then receive the agendas and approved minutes of the internal meetings and of the consultative meetings with the board representative.

Works council of the NWO-I office (ORB):



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