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Since July 2021, the NWO-I office has had its own works council: the ORB. The ORB has two members: Patricia Vogel (deputy chair) and Priya Ramkhewan (secretary). Martine van Harderwijk is the administrative secretary. Since 1 January 2023 there is a vacancy for at least one member. The recruitment has started and the ORB hopes to fill this vacancy soon. The term of office of the ORB runs until the summer of 2024.

What does the ORB do?

The ORB represents all colleagues within the NWO-I office. The ORB has an internal meeting once every month, as well as a two-monthly consultation with the director about subjects that concern office employees. Examples are health and safety at work, the development of operations, timekeeping for the office and a survey into employee satisfaction.

What is the relationship between the ORB and GOR NWO-I?

Some subjects fall outside the ORB remit and are therefore dealt with by GOR NWO-I. The GOR discusses with the director matters that apply to all of NWO-I. The ORB has one seat in the GOR.

What is the relationship between the ORB and COR NWO?

COR NWO discusses the subjects that concern NWO in its entirety, such as the Implementing Regulations of the CAO and the NWO strategy. COR NWO consults with the NWO Executive Board. All members of the GOR are automatically a member of COR NWO.

Where do the ORB members work?

Patricia Vogel is a policy officer at Strategic support, and partly seconded at the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. Priya Ramkhewan works as an administrative officer in the finance department.

Would you like to know more about the ORB?

The ORB seeks to represent colleagues as well as possible. Would you like to know more about the work of the ORB or would you like to attend one of the ORB meetings? Then please send an email to

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