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What is AVOM?

The Dutch acronym AVOM stands for ArbeidsVoorwaarden Op Maat, which translates as Tailor-made Terms of Employment. AVOM is based on the principle that you can agree with your employer to receive a lower salary for a set period or to give up your entitlement to a number of days' holiday leave (these are known as 'resources') in exchange for other benefits such as a bicycle or a higher travel allowance (these are known as 'objects'). You make additional agreements about your terms of employment and these are put down in writing.

AVOM has two resources:

  1. Holiday hours.
  2. Gross salary.

These allow you to purchase a range of objects:
1.  purchasing extra holiday hours;
2.  payment for holiday hours;
3.  (additional) commuter allowance and bicycle;
4.  study costs (reducing employee contribution);
5.  union-contribution and membership;
6. life-course savings schema;
7. Saving leave for adjusted working hours.


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