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How can you participate?

You can apply via Youforce. After loggin in, choose 'Flex Benefits'.

After sending, the form will reach the right place for processing. If you have no access to AVOM in Youforce, then please use the AVOM forms available on the NWO-I website, your Institute of via your P&O Department. 

If you wish, it is possible to opt for several objects per calendar year. For each object, the various possibilities regarding investment of resources (gross salary/holiday hours) are indicated. Conditions apply to both the investment of resources and the choice of objects. It is therefore important that you also read the explanatory notes on the resources and the explanatory notes on each of the objects you have selected.

Attention: The salary department must have received the application form before 1 December, if you want to invest holiday hours belonging to the same year you sent in your application form. You are not entitled to make use of AVOM if you have less than six months left on your contract of employment with no prospect of your contract being extended at the time when your AVOM choice comes into effect. This condition is not applicable if you want payment for holiday hours.

Contact persons

For University Workgroups (BUW): Annette Bor

NWO-I Office: Eileen Samshuijzen

Other locations: your P&O Departement

Confidental Infomation