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General information employment regulations

NWO-I's employment regulations are codified in the collective labour agreement research institutions (CAO-OI) and the implementing regulations (IR). The Collective Labour Agreement Research Institutions (CAO-OI) and the Implementing Regulations (IR) contain a wide range of regulations and procedures about, for example, commuter costs, business trips, secondments, study facilities, ancillary activities, et cetera. Furthermore, NWO-I employees build up their pension (retirement pension, survivors’ pension and occupational disability insurance) with the Stichting Pensioenfonds ABP.


The Collective Labour Agreement Research Institutions (Cao-OI) contains agreements about employment conditions, including salary and leave days, which must be taken into consideration in the individual employment agreement. Since 31 December 2019 there has been a new collective labour agreement, Cao-OI 2019-2020. The CAO has been modified due to the Civil Servants (Normalisation of Legal Status) Act (Dutch abbreviation: Wnra) which became effective on 1 January 2020. This concerns technical and legal changes and not any substantive changes. The CAO parties are still negotiating about a new substantive Cao-OI. Part of the negotiations concern how the Generation Plan scheme will be continued. The current Generation Plan scheme is valid until 1 January 2020. As no agreement about a new CAO has been realised yet, the CAO parties have agreed to extend the current Generation Plan scheme without any changes until at least the moment that a new CAO is agreed upon and no later than 1 April 2020. The Collective Labour Agreement Research Institutions 2018-2019 can be found as an attachment at the bottom of this page and can also be downloaded on the WVOI website. You can find more information on the website of the WVOI as well.

Implementing Regulations

On this webpage, you can download the PDF with the new Implementing Regulations (IR), which from 1 January 2018 onwards apply to the entire NWO and NWO-I (NWO-IR 2018-2019). In the contents, you can click on the IR or the article of a certain IR and then you will be immediately sent to the text concerned. This NWO-IR 2018-2019 was agreed with the NWO Central Works Council in December 2017.

ABP Pension

All NWO-I employees, except those that are funded by a European grant, are insured with the National Civil Pension Fund ABP for both old-age pension, survivor's pension and disability.You can find elaborate but clear information on the ABP website. Unfortunately this information is only available in Dutch. On the ABP website you will find information about your pension. Unfortunately, this information is not available in English. Via you can arrange your pension matters online. For example, you can plan your pension or change your preferences. To help participants use the website, ABP has made a webpage available with short instructional videos. These simple videos focus on the following subjects: retiring, survivor's pension, partner's pension and digital post. The videos are only available in Dutch and can be found by the website of ABP. In the annexe, you will also find a leaflet about building up your pension via the ABP.
Your personnel officer or employees from the P&O Department of NWO-I will be happy to inform you or answer your questions (also in English). You may not reproduce the employment conditions without prior written permission of NWO-I.