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Employment regulations: CAO, IR and pension

On this page you will find information about the Collective Labour Agreement Research Institutions (CAO-OI), the Implementing Regulations (IR) and your ABP pension.


News of 26 April 2022: progress collective labour agreement negotiations 

On 16 February 2022, the collective labour agreement (CAO) negotiations started for a new CAO for the research institutions. The parties taking part in the negotiations are the Employers’ Association for Research Institutes (WVOI) of which NWO, NWO-I and the National Library of the Netherlands (KB) are members, and the trade unions AOb, CNV and FNV. As usual, the CAO negotiations started with the exchange of memorandums of engagement. These contain the proposals of the listed parties for the new CAO. Besides the substantive subjects, there is a so-called salary commitment. The negotiations continued in April. It is clear that the turbulent period we are now in due to COVID-19 and the war between Russia and Ukraine also impacts the CAO negotiations since it affects, among other things, the rates of inflation and purchasing power. The negotiations will continue in May.

The current CAO 2021, which ended on 31 December 2021, has been extended by a year.


The Collective Labour Agreement Research Institutions (CAO-OI) contains agreements about employment conditions, including salary and leave days, which must be taken into consideration in the individual employment agreement. The CAO-OI 2021 (English version) is available at the bottom of this webpage and on the WVOI-website

Implementing Regulations

On 19 february 2020 NWO, NWO-I and the Central Works Council reached a final agreement on new Implementing Regulations (IR). The English version can be dowloaded below. You can download the Dutch version of the Implementing Regulations 2020-2022 here.  

ABP pension

All NWO-I employees, except those that are funded by a European grant, are insured with the National Civil Pension Fund ABP for both old-age pension, survivor's pension and disability.You can find elaborate but clear information on the ABP website. Unfortunately this information is only available in Dutch. On the ABP website you will find information about your pension. Unfortunately, this information is not available in English. Via you can arrange your pension matters online. For example, you can plan your pension or change your preferences. To help participants use the website, ABP has made a webpage available with short instructional videos. These simple videos focus on the following subjects: retiring, survivor's pension, partner's pension and digital post. The videos are only available in Dutch and can be found by the website of ABP. In the annex, you will also find a leaflet about building up your pension via the ABP.
Your personnel officer or employees from the P&O Department of NWO-I will be happy to inform you or answer your questions (also in English). You may not reproduce the employment conditions without prior written permission of NWO-I.

Confidental Infomation