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The occupational disability benefit scheme

If you become incapacitated for work, then you can apply for a WIA (Work and Income According to Work Capacity Act) benefit. The WIA provides a benefit in the case of a complete and a partial incapacity to work. UWV, the Employee Insurance Agency, establishes after two years of illness what you can still do (your ability to work) and how much you can earn as a result of that (your remaining earning capacity). For more information and the conditions for gaining and applying for a WIA benefit, please visit the UWV website

ABP Occupational Disability Pension

The trade unions together with representatives of the employers have concluded an agreement in the Pension Chamber for ABP pension supplements in case of occupational disability, previously disability pension. This agreement ensures that the pension scheme is once again in line with the law, the Work and Income According to Work Capacity Act. On the ABP website you will find information about the ABP Occupation Disability Pension. Unfortunately this information is available in Dutch only. 

Occupational disability insurance

NWO-I believes that insuring against this risk is worthwhile in a large number of cases and has therefore concluded a collective occupational disability insurance with Loyalis. For more information, please contact Loyalis via +31 45 645 91 90 or consult the Loyalis website (to calculate your premium online or to apply for the insurance you, as an NWO-I employee, should request the employer's number from the P&O Department of NWO-I).




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