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Information for foreign employees


If the appointment is for longer than three months, employees from countries for which visa requirements are in force must also have a Temporary Residence Permit (Machtiging Voorlopig Verblijf - MVV). NWO-I has an arrangement with the Ministry for a shortened procedure in order to obtain this permit. This means that NWO-I applies for the MVV and the future employee does not need to take any action.
When the MVV has been granted, the employee will receive notice from the Embassy or Consulate in his country of residence that the MVV can be collected. This procedure takes four to six weeks. It is possible for the person involved to take their family with them to the Netherlands. NWO-I can apply for an MVV for the family as well but has to do this at the same time as the application for the MVV for the future employee. In this case, NWO-I must be provided with the particulars of the family members.

Work permit

Employees from countries outside the European Union are required to have a work permit. NWO-I must apply for this permit six weeks before the commencement date of employment. However, since the Dutch government wants to stimulate its 'knowledge economy', scientific researchers are often exempt from this requirement.

Highly skilled migrant

Employers that take up office with NWO-I as a PhD student or a postdoc can qualify as a knowledge migrant. In this case, a work permit is not required. The same routing as mentioned with 'visa' is applicable, except that the procedure will take much less time.

Tips for foreign employees

Are you coming from abroad and do you start working with NWO-I? Welcome! Please read the document 'Tips for foreign employees' below. 


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