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Portal NWO-I People

NWO-I People is a portal for NWO-I employees, where you can easily manage your personnel information digitally.

You receive a user name and password when you join NWO-I. During your period of employment you will have access to NWO-I People. After your contract has come to an end, you will continue to have access to a number of relevant parts for five years.

Requests or changes submitted by you via NWO-I People will be sent to the personnel department or travel agent of the location you work at and be processed there. You can also use the portal to see which requests et cetera you have already submitted.

 In its current version the portal has the following functionalities:

  • changing personal information, such as address details;
  • inspecting and printing salary slips and end of year statements;
  • submitting AVOM requests such as the redemption of holiday hours;
  • register for courses;
  • register leave and view already registered leave;
  • request and claim costs for foreign travels;
  • submit performance evaluation/planning and evaluation forms;
  • request and claim costs for studies;
  • inform NWO-I about promotion date and new employer;
  • claiming printing costs for dissertation.

*Which of the functionalities above are at your availability, depends on the location you work.

Questions about how to use the portal can be sent by email to NWO-I People.

Logging in to NWO-I People

Click here to log in to NWO-I People.

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