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Secondment abroad

Secondment is where your employer sends you to work abroad for a period longer than three months, but no more than five years.

Prior to the secondment, you will make agreements with NWO-I. Your P&O department records the agreements in the secondment agreement. This agreement also states your secondment allowance that you will receive due to the extra costs of living abroad.

The entire regulation can be found in IR-3 Secondments abroad.


University workgroups (BUW): EUR, RUG, TU/e, UM, UT, UU, VU, WUR: Lydia van der Vlist
University workgroups (BUW): CWI, LEI, RU, TUD en UvA: Ria Wemelsfelder
NWO-I Office: Eileen Samshuijzen
Other locations: your P&O Department

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