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Courses for PhD students

NWO-I has developed a range of training courses especially for its PhD's, both PhD's from the University Workgroups (BUW) and PhD's working at participating NWO institutes AMOLF, ARCNL, CWI, DIFFER, Nikhef and SRON. These courses are all given in English.

Your contribution
Taking charge of Your PhD Project  None
The Art of Presenting Science None
The Art of Scientific Writing None
Career Orientation € 700 and will be settled with your transition allowance

NWO-I invites PhD's from the participating institutes for the training courses at a certain point in their PhD trajectory, in agreement with the P&O department of their institute. If you work at another institute and would like to participate, or if your training needs differ from the offered courses, then please contact your P&O department.

Information about the courses can be downloaded as PDF files below. The planned training days are detailed in the course calendar (see attachment).

Until further notice, all courses are held online. For Taking Charge and Career Orientation this means some adjustments in the programme. For Art of Scientific Writing and Art of Presenting Science, this means that the original three-day programme has changed to six half days.

For the career focused course Career Orientation, NWO-I expects a contribution from you that will be settled with a transition allowance.

Participation postdocs

Although the training courses have primarily been developed for PhD's, NWO-I postdocs are nevertheless welcome to take part. If you as postdoc are interested in one of the training courses stated above, then make this known to the P&O department of your institute. 
N.B.: For postdocs the same investment in the form of holiday leave hours applies as for researchers in training (see table above).

Bussiness orientation

NWO-I Business Orientations provides 3rd and 4th year PhD students with the opportunity to experience dynamics within organizations outside of academia.

On 2 July 2020 NWO-I organised an online meeting in cooperation with Demcon. This meeting has been recorded and can be viewed here.

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