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NWO Academy

Do you want to focus on the competencies we want to develop throughout the organisation, on what is important for your job and working in projects, or on strengthening your knowledge and skills and the functioning of the team? The NWO Academy will be pleased to help you!

NWO encourages employees' personal and professional development, and it seeks to optimally match employees' knowledge and skills with the wishes and needs of the organisation.

The training courses were originally developed for employees of the NWO domain organisation and are only offered in Dutch. NWO-I employees are welcome to take part in these training courses.

Finally! The brain can be trained again. Read on to see which training courses you can register for. Make sure you can attend every day of a multi-day session. Moving days is not possible.

You can register by sending an e-mail to Put your manager in cc so that he or she is aware of your registration.

How are registrations processed?
Applications are processed based on manager's approval. So make sure that when you register, your supervisor gives approval. Only then the registration can be processed.

Physically or online?
All sessions are online.

If there is enough interest, we can see if additional training can be offered.

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