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Whistleblowing policy

NWO assumes that people in the organisation work honestly and responsibly. It could, however, be the case that something is not going well. NWO finds it important that attention is drawn to this. A Whistleblowing Regulation has therefore been included in the Implementing Regulations IR 14.

Whistleblowing is where an employee (whistleblower) informs persons that could possibly take action against it of suspicions of illegal or immoral practices that take place under the responsibility of the employer and for which a major societal interest is at stake.

The aim of the regulation is that every NWO-I employee can, without obstruction, report a (suspicion of a) malpractice safely and effectively without this having consequences for his or her legal position.

More information and the further procedure can be read in Implementing Regulation IR 14 Whistleblowers Regulation. You can also contact Liz Schilt, head of the P&O Department NWO-I. 

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