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Interview cycles NWO-I

At all NWO-I locations, interviews between the line manager and employee are regularly held.

The name given to these interviews and the exact manner in which these are realised differs per location. You can read these details in IR Annex 2, or enquire about these at your P&O department. The information below is intended for employees working at AMOLF, ARCNL, DIFFER, the NWO-I Office and employees of the university work locations (BUW).

Performance and appraisal interviews

Employees of AMOLF, ARCNL, DIFFER, Nikhef, the NWO-I Office and the BUW university workgroups (with the exception of PhDs, see here for their information about planning and evaluation) can download the form Performance and appraisal interview

Yearly your line manager you will hold a performance and appraisal interview with you. During this interview, you will discuss the mutual work relationship, the goals in a certain period and how the job is performed.

The nature of the agreements about the goals and development in the performance and the appraisal interview differ per personnel category. If you have a temporary contract, then the emphasis will mainly be on the things you must realise during your appointment. You will also discuss the continuation of your career after your contract has ended. If you have a tenured contract, then you will discuss what you must realise within a certain period. During the interview, the further development from within the position will also be considered.

NWO-I has developed a single performance and appraisal interview report for holding and recording these interviews. You can download the necessary forms under Forms. This report can be downloaded on this page. You use the same form regardless of whether you have a tenured or a temporary contract.

The entire regulation can be found IR Annex 2b

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