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Starting your own company

If (after your PhD or other work at NWO-I) you are considering starting your own company - for example, because during your PhD research you developed a special technique or instrument, and you see possibilities to apply this - then NWO-I can support you during this process.

For each situation, individual agreements are made (for example, about the contribution of NWO capital or the purchase of your product, expert support at the start in the competitive commercial environment, financial support and bringing you into contact with other market players).

If you are interested in this possibility and working in a university workgroup (BUW), please send a written and motivated request to Peter Spijker, the Head of department Strategic Support of the NWO-I Office, PO Box 3021, 3502 GA Utrecht. If you are working at an NWO institute, please contact your P&O Department. 

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