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Code of conduct and confidential advisers

Undesirable behavior such as sexual and other forms of intimidation, aggression, violence and bullying: these are not always visible, but they do occur. And that could also be the case at our workplace. However, this does not mean that such behaviour is acceptable. NWO-I believes that people should respect each other's personal boundaries. Furthermore, a work pressure that is too high or too low can also negatively influence the work performance. With a well-considered code of conduct, NWO-I strives to achieve an optimal working climate in which undesirable forms of behaviour are not tolerated and employees can perform well. You can read more about this code of conduct/policy in the leaflet 'Undesirable behaviour and workstress'. You can download the leaflet on this page.

Confidential adviser

All Institutes within NWO-I as well as the NWO-I Office have a confidential adviser. That can be an employee of the institute, an external person, and sometimes both. An external confidential adviser can be an employee of the Occupational Health and Safety Service, for example. Each of the university locations where NWO-I employees work also has one or more confidential advisers. NWO-I believes it is important that employees can safely get in touch with a confidential adviser.

To find a confidential adviser, please contact Maaike Cretier, the secretary of the complaints committee. She will give you the contact details of the confidential adviser at your location. You can also request this information at your HRM department or on the intranet of your institute. 

Complaints procedure

NWO-I has a complaints procedure. Further information about this procedure can be found here. NWO-I treats all information in the strictest confidence. The secretary of the complaints committee is Maaike Cretier, +31 30 600 13 87.  She treats all information in the strictest confidence.