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Work and diversity & inclusion

NWO wants to be an organisation where everyone feels welcome, can be themselves and can bring out the best in themselves and in teams. We therefore strive for a diverse organisation with an inclusive culture where everybody is needed, irrespective of cultural, ethnic or religious background, gender, sexual orientation, health and age. We can only achieve that if we shift the goal posts and change patterns, structures and processes. We will do this by focusing our attention on our granting policy and employer's policy. Please visit the NWO website for more information about diversity & inclusion.

NWO looks back on successful Pride Event 2023

On Monday 8 May 2023, a successful Pride event for entire NWO organisation, including the NWO Institutes, was held at SRON in Leiden. The LGBTI+* event had a very good turn-up with over 40 participants, welcomed by SRON's institute's manager Annemieke Beers and CWI's HR manager and organizer Léon Ouwerkerk. Read more

Judith Kreukels is the Diversity & Inclusion project leader

Judith Kreukels started working as a part-time project leader for Diversity & Inclusion on 1 February 2023. Her appointment was the first step in the D&I Implementation Plan. Inside went to meet Kreukels, who explained why D&I is important to NWO-I: "There is less turnover of staff in teams which reflect diversity. They are comparatively more successful, and employees are more content than in homogenous teams". Read more

Roll out Implementation Plan 2022-2027 ‘Inclusive and diverse personnel policy at NWO-I’

In October 2022, NWO-I set down an Implementation Plan for an inclusive and diverse personnel policy at NWO-I. The plan targets NWO-I in its entirety and will be rolled out within the organisation in the coming years. Read more

Gender Equality Plan NWO-I

On this webpage you can download the Gender Equality Plan NWO-I.

NWO celebrates...

Somewhere around the middle of 2021 the section ‘NWO celebrates…’ started, based on a calendar that was put together within NWO and NWO-I. The calendar can be downloaded at the bottom of this webpage (PDF). This new section ‘NWO celebrates…’ is published on both intranet Joost and the NWO-I website and is initiated by the Diversity team NWO/NWO-I. Read all the articles

Declaration of Amsterdam: towards an inclusive workplace

On 18 November 2021 NWO signed the Declaration of Amsterdam, committing the organisation to creating a corporate culture that is inclusive and fosters the integration of LGBTI+ employees. By signing the Declaration, NWO undertakes to adopt measures that foster a working environment in which everyone feels welcome, can be their authentic selves and can realise their full potential, individually and in teams. The Declaration of Amsterdam is an initiative of Workplace Pride, an international not-for-profit foundation based in Amsterdam, which has been campaigning for ten years to promote inclusive corporate cultures by raising awareness, monitoring progress, conducting research, providing training and building networks. Read the full article

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