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Gender Equality Plan NWO-I

NWO facilitates world-class scientific research. This research has scientific and societal impact. One aspect of this is encouraging an inclusive science culture with an eye to diversity in the broadest sense of the term. In doing so, the Executive Board is following the gender equality objectives of the European Union and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

* In case of doubt, the Dutch version of the information below and the Dutch version of the Gender Equality Plan NWO-I is leading. 

The responsibility and contribution of NWO towards improving diversity and inclusion (D&I) in science is twofold:

  • NWO has the responsibility, position and means to exert influence on encouraging inclusion and diversity in the scientific community. By encouraging diversity and inclusion in the primary process of NWO, determining a clear own course and setting criteria for the scientific community, NWO can bring its weight to bear on improving diversity and inclusion in science. We do this with the so-called D&I granting policy of NWO.
  • At the same time, we have the D&I employer’s policy by means of which NWO strives to be an inclusive organisation with a diverse workforce. Facilitating scientific research and increasing scientific and societal impact, in brief, the success of NWO, stands or falls with the deployment, quality, dedication and diversity of our employees. We strive to realise a work environment in which there is room for differences, everyone can be themselves, and everyone feels safe and valued. ­­

The theme diversity and inclusion has been high on the NWO agenda for many years. We adopt a positive approach for which we focus on the added value of diversity and inclusion. To achieve our ambitions, we have adopted an integral approach and work at the cultural, institutional and individual levels. The ultimate aim of this is to realise a sustainable embedding of diversity and inclusion within both the granting policy and the employer’s policy of NWO.­

In the attached Gender Equality Plan (GEP), to be downloaded at the bottom of this webpage, we describe all of the efforts, measures and actions of NWO-I. This plan describes the resources, data collection and monitoring, training and capacity and other interventions in detail, based on the recommended focus areas that the European Commission requires for a GEP.

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