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Salary and employment agreement

Salary planning

NWO-I pays your salary on about the 24th of each month. In principle, the P&O Department NWO-I will process changes that have come in no later than the first of the month within the same month. Therefore please notify us about any changes in address, changes in IBAN (bank account), study cost claims etcetera, as soon as possible.

Salary slip

In the annex, you will find a brief explanation of the salary slip. This explanation deals with the most frequently occurring information. Each month, a certain amount of holiday money will be allocated that you will receive once a year in May as a one-off payment, or when your employment contract is ended. Each month, a certain amount will be allocated to the year-end bonus that you will receive once per year in December, or when your employment contract is ended.

Employment contract and salary

At the start of your employment, NWO-I enters into a written employment contract with you. You will receive two copies of this employment contract and you will be asked to sign and return one of these copies. Usually, you will also be asked to supply other documents, such as a copy of your proof of identity, a copy of the relevant diploma et cetera.

Whether or not you receive an annual salary increase depends on the grade of the salary scale when you started employment. As long as the highest grade on the salary scale has not yet been achieved, then in the event of good performance, an annual salary increase will be applied. This increase will take place on the first of the month in which you entered employment.

Your line manager will hold a formal interview with you each year (see interview cycles on this website). Your line manager will submit a copy of the report of this interview to your P&O Department.


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