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Social Fund of Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW)

When can you apply to the Social Fund?

As a Social Fund participant, you can ask for a provision if you run into serious financial and social problems. And that really can happen to anyone.Think, for example, of a situation in which you are no longer able to pay your fixed costs such as rent, energy and water, while you also have debts and can no longer turn to your bank because you already have a high loan there.

How does the Social Fund work?

Applications for assistance are submitted to the board of the Social Fund. Applications are considered when assistance cannot be provided in any other way. Only the board of the OCW Social Fund decides whether assistance is provided. That assistance then comprises an interest-free loan or a gift, or a combination of the two. A loan is subject to a repayment obligation. If the board finds that there is a complex debt problem, a more far-reaching form of debt assistance may be offered.

Information and registration

More information can be found on the OCW Social Fund website, where you can also register. A participant's minimum contribution is 2 euros per month, but a voluntary higher contribution obviously broadens the fund's possibilities. After retirement, you can remain a participant. At the bottom of this page you will find an additional information flyer of the Social Fund OCW.

Please note that all information on the OCW Social Fund website is in Dutch. Should you require assistance, kindly contact your personnel department.

Confidental Infomation