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Parental leave

You are entitled to parental leave once for each child. You can reduce the actual workweek to half of the relevant time for the maximum uninterrupted period of twelve months. The workweek can be reduced by less or more number of hours per week, in which case the maximum period of leave can be extended or reduced proportionately. The parental leave can be divided into a maximum of six periods of at least one month.

Conditional to parental leave is that you are the biological, foster or adoptive parent of a child that has not yet reached the age of eight and that you apply for it at least two months in advance in writing to the P&O Department NWO-I or the personnel officer of your institute. NWO-I will work out a work schedule in consultation with you.

Remuneration during the parental leave

You are entitled to parental leave with partial retention of remuneration for a child that has not yet reached the age of four years, for a period of thirteen times the actual workweek, provided you have been employed for a period of at least one year immediately preceding the parental leave. Parental leave amounts to 55 percent of the remuneration.

Pension premiums during parental leave

During parental leave, the due pension premiums continue to be based on your working hours prior to the parental leave:

  • For paid parental leave, NWO-I and your contribution continue to be based on the number of working hours immediately prior to the parental leave. 
  • For unpaid parental leave the full pension premiums (including the NWO-I contributions) are borne by you. This also applies to the life-course leave deployed for this purpose.

Read more about parental leave and reimbursement obligation or parental leave and illness in Cao-OI chapter 5.

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