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Special leave

Dependent on the circumstances, then during special leave, you have the right to (partial) continued payment of your salary. NWO-I grants special leave based on a motivated written request that you submit as early as possible. You can read more about this in the Collective Labour Agreement Research Institutions Chapter 5 Vacation and leave, Articles 5.7 to 5.9:

  • Article 5.8 Special paid leave; death of relatives and in-laws in the first degree; childbirth; taking in a foster child or adoption; exercising the right to vote and satisfying a legal obligation. a visit to a (para)medic.
  • Article 5.9 Special paid leave for activities of employee organisations.

These articles deal with more specific leave possibilities:

  • Article 5.10 Care leave; caring for your spouse, life partner, (adopted) parents, (adopted) child or a relative who lives with you.
  • Article 5.11 Pregnancy leave and maternity leave.
  • Articles 5.12 to 5.15 Parental leave.
  • Article 5.16 Seniority leave.