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How can I be prepared for a fire?

In the building where you work fire instruction cards are hung at various highly visible locations. Read those instructions today because in the event of an emergency you wont have time to read!

 How can a fire be prevented?

  • Everyone is required to perform their work (including experiments) in such a way that the hazard is kept to a minimum. 
  • When working with flammable substances, welding or using a burner, you must always have appropriate fire-extinguishing equipment close at hand. 
  • Do not store combustible packaging material (e.g. tempex or cardboard) in rooms, laboratories or corridors. 

Fire, what must I do? 
In the unexpected event of a fire remain calm and report the calamity IMMEDIATELY. How? That differs per institute or laboratory. Make sure you know the local reporting procedure. 

An evacuation signal. What must I do?
In the event of a slow-whoop-signal you must leave the building in a quick but orderly manner. Something is definitely happening: a serious fire, gas leak or bomb alert. Always follow the instructions of the company emergency response team (BHV) and go to the appointed meeting place. Escape routes can mostly be found on the plans in the corridors. Obstructing escape routes and exits can be fatal. 

May I extinguish the fire myself?
If a fire breaks out in your immediate vicinity then activate the alarm immediately. Always put your own safety first and leave the BHV to extinguish the fire.