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Hoisting and lifting: what should I be aware of?

There are rules for the person using the equipment as well as for persons in the immediate vicinity of the equipment. You must not endanger your own safety or that of other persons.

May I use a hoist?
You are only authorised to hoist if you have satisfactorily completed the appropriate training. You must also have official consent from your supervisor.

What are the rules for those authorised to hoist?

  • Note the maximum load of the equipment and the associated accessories.
  • Only use the equipment and its accessories for the purposes for which they are intended.
  • Always use the prescribed safety accessories: helmets, shoes and gloves.
  • Ensure the safety of those nearby; cordon off the area and put out warning signs.
  • Test and approve self-designed accessories before use.  
  • Make sure in advance that the hoisting equipment is fit to use; report shortcomings or doubts about this to your supervisor.  
  • Work only with approved and undamaged accessories.  

Somebody else is hoisting. What do I need to look out for? 
Those nearby are at the greatest risk. If you are near to an area where hosting is taking place then follow these instructions:

  • take good note of the warning signs and the cordoned off work areas;  
  • never walk underneath a hanging load;  
  • follow the instructions of the person authorised to hoist.