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Which measures do I need to take?

Various aspects are important for maintaining optimum working conditions.

General measures

A number of general measures to reduce risks are given below in order of importance:

  • make sure that the equipment is put together properly and well maintained;
  • consider alternative techniques;
  • shield off the source: encapsulate, shield off reflections (collective shielding takes priority over personal shielding);
  • keep as far away from the source as possible;
  • shorter exposure period by changing personnel for example;
  • use personal protection equipment.

The employer should ensure there are competent personnel, good instructions and periodic information and advice. You can request this. 

Specific measures

Measures against ultraviolet light (UV) (100 – 400 nm)
Exposure to UV light in the workplace should be prevented.

  • Use collective shielding for permanent or temporary set-ups. Most types of plastic (including Perspex) and aluminium sheets can be used as shielding. Test the material in advance for permeability.
  • If shielding is not possible then use the right personal protection equipment such as goggles, clothing or suntan creams.
  • For welding work protective gloves and clothing are prescribed.
  • During the use of UV sources (including UV lamps) warning signs should be present and free access to the room must be hindered.

Measures against visible light and infrared radiation (IR) (0.4 - 1000 μm)

  • Shield off the heat source.
  • Use the personal protection equipment specifically designed for this (clothing and eye protection).

Measures for radio wave and microwave fields (10 MHz – 300 GHz)
A better design and shielding of the source are the most effective methods for reducing the exposure. Absorbent clothing is not always effective. At risky locations the local expert takes measurements or calculates if the norm isn’t exceeded and if necessary closes off the risky area. 

Measures for static fields and extremely low frequency fields (ELF) (0 – 300 Hz)

  • Place warning signs for employees and visitors with pacemakers and ferromagnetic implants.
  • Use stainless steel equipment if applicable.
  • Keep analogue watches, credit cards, flash drives, fire extinguishers et cetera out of magnetic fields.

Article 6.12 Health and Safety Decree (in Dutch only).

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