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What do I need to look out for with electricity?

Protect yourself from electrical risks by obeying the following rules.

  • Modifications to electrical installations (and equipment) may only be performed by authorised personnel (qualified persons, QP)
  • Every object should be constructed in such a way that contact with live voltage is impossible (cables, plugs, casing).
  • If working with 'open' conducting parts is unavoidable (for example, during a repair) then you must consult a qualified expert. The risk of electrocution must be effectively limited by cordoning off the area and using warning signs/signals.
  • If you have any doubts then check that the electrical equipment concerned is properly fused.
  • Never install heavy-duty safety fuses yourself. Always let a qualified person do this.
  • Use only approved tools (according to NEN 3140). In cases of doubt ask your supervisor or a qualified person.
  • Switches, plugs and multiple socket outlets that feel warm could be making poor contact or are overloaded; let a qualified person replace these.
  • The linking of extension leads is strictly prohibited.
  • Extension leads, et cetera may not lay on the ground due to the risk of somebody tripping over them and the potential risk in the event of leakages.
  • Leads and plugs must not be damaged.
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