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Review of positions within NWO-I and operational positions at the institutes

In 2018, all jobs within NWO-D, the NWO-I office and the operational management positions at the NWO Institutes will receive new job descriptions. Employees with these jobs will receive a new, more general job description at the end of this year. Scientific positions and associated supporting positions at the institutes are not part of this project, similar to the PhDs employed by NWO-I.

Why re-write the job descriptions?
The current job structure dates from 2005. It contains more than 300 job descriptions and that is too many. In addition, it does not sufficiently support the new organisation structure and objectives. Furthermore, the review provides the possibility to connect the core values with the job descriptions. During the review the key values of NWO will be included in the job descriptions.

Are the new job descriptions different?
Jobs or tasks will not change as a result of this review. Only the actual description of the jobs will change:

  • Jobs will be described in more general terms and therefore more concisely;
  • Whereas the current job descriptions mainly describe task and activities, the new job descriptions will focus on the outcomes of those activities;
  • similar jobs with successive job levels (e.g. junior, intermediate, senior) will be merged into a single job profile.
  • All job descriptions will be linked to the associated competencies; this concerns (behavioural) skills that are necessary for:
    • a proper realisation of the job;
    • providing a framework to develop skills and to make agreements between employee and line manager about this during the annual performance and appraisal interview;
    • acting in accordance with NWO's core values (groundbreaking, committed, reliable and connecting).

What will you notice as a result of this?
In summary, this review means that all employees of NWO-D, the NWO-I office and the operational management positions at the NWO institutes will receive a new and more general job description with the associated competencies and salary scale. This project will not lead to specific changes in the nature of the jobs or the task to be performed.

In incidental cases the job scale for the new description will differ from the current job scale. If the new job scale is higher, then the employee will be promoted to that scale. If the new job scale is lower than the present scale, then the employee will keep the salary at his or her current scale.

When will this happen?
The new job descriptions and the competencies manual needs to be ready by September. The new job structure can then be approved in November. At the end of this year all employees in the positions concerned will therefore receive a new job description.

How is this review being realised?
The review of the jobs structure is a project commissioned by Caroline Visser, member of the NWO executive board. HRM, NWO-D and NWO-I are jointly responsible for realising the project. The project leader is Jos Lensen and both organisational units are represented in the project group (see list of names at the end). A steering group will monitor the project, consisting of Miranda Noordermeer, director of operations NWO-D, Christa Hooijer director NWO-I, Jos Baeten director CWI and Hendry Nijhuis director TTW.

The project group has already started its work by writing the first new set of job descriptions, making use of the specific input it obtained in consultation with the focus groups. These focus groups contain employees from different job areas. The project group will submit the resulting job descriptions to the steering group for approval, and the central works council will also be consulted during this process.

If you have any questions about the project, please contact your HRM adviser. The following colleagues are taking part in the project group:

  • Jos Lensen (NWO-D HRM, project leader)
  • Remco Achten (NWO-D Science)
  • Mark Boneschanser (NWO-I)
  • Lieke van Emmerik (NWO-D SSH, communication)
  • Gerda Goedhart (NWO-D HRM)
  • Onno Hutten (NWO-D finance)
  • Charlotte Kuiper (NWO-D Science)
  • Sigrid Moerbeek (NWO institute NIOZ)
  • Leon Ouwerkerk (NWO institute CWI)
  • Barbara van de Plassche (NWO-D, project support)
  • Francien Petiet (NWO-D SSH)
  • Sabine Sandbergen (NWO-D I&A)
  • Odile Steijger (NWO-D TTW)
  • Arian Visser (NWO-I)
  • Joost Weber (NWO-I)

Newsletter Inside NWO-I, June 2018