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October 17th 2019

Where do you work within NWO?
I work at the NWO Domain Social Sciences and Humanities. I work there on setting up and realising calls and research programmes within the team Collaborative Initiatives. Within this team we work together with societal partners and companies and also seek opportunities for international collaboration.

Why are you a member of the NWO Central Works Council and what motivates you to do this work?
I initially became a member of the NWO Works Council because I wanted to get to know NWO better and I find it a pleasant change to the standard tasks and subjects that I am usually occupied with. As I work at NWO-D, I did not really have a clear picture of all NWO institutes. In the NWO Central Works Council I am now getting to know these as well! As I consider the transition of NWO to be an important subject, and I wanted to make a contribution, I decided to become a member of the NWO Central Works Council as it deals with many transition-related issues.

What would you like to achieve in this term of office?
I really enjoy the sheer diversity of subjects that the NWO Central Works Council tackles. Of course the NWO Central Works Council represents the interests of personnel and the organisation and in my view the development of NWO employees is particularly important. Due to the transition, NWO's role has changed and this also has consequences for the role of employees. I want to ensure that there is a good connection between NWO's different role and the development of the employees.

More information about the COR NWO
Please visit the COR NWO page on the NWO-I website for more information.