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July 21st 2017


Rubicon for young research talents

Fifteen researchers who have recently received their PhDs can do their research at foreign research institutes thanks to a Rubicon grant from NWO. The Rubicon programme gives young, promising researchers the opportunity to gain international research experience. Among them, physicists Benedetta Flebus and Chris Smiet.

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Detlef Lohse to receive 2017 Fluid Dynamics Prize

Detlef Lohse, Professor of Physics of Fluids at the University of Twente, will receive the prestigious Fluid Dynamics Prize of the American Physical Society (APS). It is a prize for world's top scientists in the field.

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Researchers demonstrate record strong conversion of motion into light

AMOLF researchers have developed nanoscale strings whose motion can be converted to light signals with unprecedented strength. This could allow for extremely precise sensors and comes with an important side-effect. "Analogous to a guitar amplifier in overdrive producing distorted sound waves, our strong motion-to-light conversion leads to distorted light signals", says group leader Ewold Verhagen. "But these signals actually carry information about the motion that may lead to new ways of measuring quantum mechanical motion." The researchers published their results on 7 July 2017 in Nature Communications.

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Nikhef press release: Erik Heijne receives European Physics Prize

On 10 July 2017, the European Physical Society (EPS) will award the 2017 High Energy and Particle Physics Prize for an outstanding contribution to high energy physics to Erik Heijne, Robert Klanner and Gerhard Lutz. The award ceremony will take place during the 2017 EPS conference for high energy physics (EPS-HEP2017) in Venice, Italy.

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Majorana-highway on a chip

The first experimental evidence of a Majorana fermion in Delft 2012 led to a wave of scientific enthusiasm: control such particles are a holy grail in quantum science and technology. Quantum chips based on Majorana fermions promise error-protected quantum computations. However, the fabrication of Majorana-devices is an extremely challenging task.

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Cheap, efficient and stable photoelectrode could improve water splitting with solar energy

Water splitting with solar energy could provide an efficient route for large scale renewable energy conversion and storage. Scientists from TU Delft and AMOLF have now engineered a very efficient and stable photoelectrode, a material that absorbs light and directly splits water into hydrogen and oxygen. Furthermore, they use silicon wafers as the light absorbing material, so the system is also cheap. They report on their findings in Nature Communications on Thursday 29 June.

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Molecular 'samurai sword' controls plant growth

While the green nature that surrounds us flourishes, researchers from AMOLF and Wageningen University & Research reveal the secrets of a special protein that conducts this plant growth. Using a smart simulation programme the researchers found out how this protein named katanin operates. They published their findings on 19 June in the journal PNAS.

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NWO Spinoza Prizes awarded to Eveline Crone, Albert Heck, Michel Orrit and Alexander van Oudenaarden

Today NWO president Stan Gielen announced that developmental psychologist Eveline Crone, analytical chemist Albert Heck, physical chemist Michel Orrit and biologist and biophysicist Alexander van Oudenaarden have each been awarded an NWO Spinoza Prize. These researchers have been given this prize for their exceptional, pioneering and inspiring work. The NWO Spinoza Prize is the highest scientific distinction in the Netherlands. The laureates will each receive 2.5 million euros which they can spend on scientific research.

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