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January 18th 2019

Conversion of sunlight into electricity requires efficient and affordable solar cells. "Our plan is to study the physical mechanisms of solar energy absorption and conversion in a large number of organic and metal-organic nanosystems. This is to be accomplished with the use of state-of-the-art scientific computing technologies and the world’s largest computing grid, IBM’s World Community Grid. Such an immense computing power will enable us to study the crucial electronic and optical properties of millions of molecules and polymers; many more than that could ever be tested in an actual device lab" explains Süleyman Er. The scientists hope that this will lead to the identification of the most promising molecules and polymers for developing affordable solar energy technologies with superb efficiencies.  

YES! Fellowships
Er is the third YES! Fellow at FOM, after dr. Joep Pijpers and Andrea Baldi. YES! Fellowships have been designed to facilitate energy research in the Netherlands. After a maximum stay of three years abroad, the researchers return with the knowledge acquired to the Netherlands. They then have a year to embed the knowledge here and to lay the foundations for new lines of research and a scientific career in the Netherlands. 
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