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June 21st 2018

The following research proposals have been awarded funding. 

  • Highly efficient solar cells by understanding triplet Exciton Dynamics
    Bruno Ehrler (FOM-AMOLF)
  • Active nano-optomechanics
    Andrea Fiore (TU/e) and Ewold Verhagen (FOM-AMOLF)
  • Non-classical states of macroscopic mechanical resonators
    Simon Gröblacher (TUD)
  • An optical GPS for single electrons
    Michel Orrit (LEI)
  • The strange metals: when quantum entanglement reaches its extreme
    Jan Zaanen and Koenraad Schalm (LEI)

The Projectruimte is one of the grant instruments that FOM has to fund physics research. The Projectruimte makes it possible to realise small-scale projects of fundamental research with an innovative character and a demonstrable scientific, industrial or societal urgency. In 2015, FOM had a budget of about 10 million euros for the Projectruimte, of which 3 million euros has been made available within the framework of the Sector Plan Physics and Chemistry. For 2015, an operating   budget of 4.276 million euros remains.

Continuous submission
Researchers can submit proposals for the FOM Projectruimte on a continuous basis. FOM considers the proposals in batches of 15 to 25 in the order they are received. Proposals are submitted to referees for review and the jury reaches the final assessment in a single assessment round. Proposals from areas bordering physics are also eligible for funding from the FOM Projectruimte, as long as the research makes a sufficient contribution to physics.

Further information
For more information about the FOM Projectruimte please see the website or contact the Communications department, +31 30 600 12 22.