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June 27th 2019

Project proposals awarded
The following research proposals have been awarded funding.

  • Single-particle emitters for superconducting nanostructures
    Prof.dr. Carlo Beenakker (LEI)
  • Indirect-to-direct bandgap conversion in surface engineered Si and Ge nanostructures
    Dr. Katerina Dohnalová (UvA)
  • Responsive materials through reversible crosslinking
    Dr. Wouter Ellenbroek (TU/e)
  • Strongly-correlated bosonic and fermionic ultracold atomic gases with long-range interactions: a new theoretical approach
    Dr. Paola Gori-Giorgi (VU)
  • Tuning into the photosynthetic membrane with atomistic precision
    Dr. Anjali Pandit (LEI)
  • Solving the direct photon puzzle in heavy-ion reactions with direct photon interferometry Prof.dr. Thomas Peitzmann (UU/Nikhef)
  • Investigating cellular aging by quantum sensing
    Dr. Romana Schirhagl (RUG)
  • Top Spin
    Dr. Marcel Vreeswijk (UvA/Nikhef) and Prof.Dr. Eric Laenen (UvA/Nikhef)
  • Toward bottom-up construction of an 'Aggregate-OLED'
    Dr. Daniel Wegner (RU)

The Projectruimte is one of the grant instruments that FOM has to fund physics research. Researchers can submit proposals for the FOM-Projectruimte on a continuous basis. FOM considers the proposals in batches of 15 to 25 in the order they are received. In 2015, FOM had a budget of about 10 million euros for the Projectruimte, of which 3 million euros has been made available within the framework of the Sector Plan Physics and Chemistry.

Further information
For more information about the Projectruimte please see the website or please contact Mark Boneschanscher , +31 30 600 12 73.