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Ed van den Berg appointed as interim director bureau NWO-I

The board of the NWO institutes organisation has appointed Ed van den Berg as interim director of operations for the bureau NWO-I. He takes over a large part of the duties from Christa Hooijer, who has been Director of Science at the TNO Unit Industry since September.

Van den Berg studied Public Administration in Leiden, was trained in Lean Management at Berenschot and trained in NIMA-A2, NIMA-B and executive MBA. He brings a lot of experience as an interim manager within government, associations, foundations and educational institutions. He was operational manager at the Erasmus School of Law (EUR) and advised various educational institutions in Rotterdam and Zwijndrecht on privatization and mergers. He also worked for the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, the Ministry of the Interior, the City of Amsterdam, University of Applied Sciences Utrecht and GGD Zoetermeer.

Van den Berg will manage the NWO-I office in the coming period. Stan Gielen, chair of NWO-I, will temporarily take over the strategic scientific tasks. In the meantime, a definitive solution for the NWO-I governance is being worked out.

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