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Statutes and internal rules and regulations changed: new step for NWO-I

At the end of 2019, the NWO Executive Board decided to change the governance of NWO-I to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the organisation. After approval from the COR NWO, a new governance model was elaborated in 2020 and formalised in new statutes and a revised internal rules and regulations. This became effective on 1 October 2020. On the same date, Miriam Luizink started work as the new director of NWO-I. Together with Jan van der Boon, who on 1 September started as director of operations NWO-I, she will develop NWO-I into a strong and effective institutes organisation.

At the end of 2019, the Executive Board decided, in close consultation with the directors of the NWO Institutes, to change the governance of NWO-I. The organisation was not effective and efficient enough, amongst other things, because there is no hierarchal relationship between the NWO-I office and the institutes. This delayed the preparation and realisation of decisions by the NWO-I Foundation Board.
Furthermore, the old model lacked a clear representative from the organisation who could act as a figurehead of NWO-I and represent it externally.

Therefore Miriam Luizink has now been appointed as the director NWO-I: a single director who bears final responsibility for NWO-I in its entirety. She is formally the manager of the institute directors and, with them, she will further develop the strategic agenda of the organisation. Furthermore, she is the ambassador of the NWO-I organisation. She will routinely attend the meetings of the NWO Executive Board and together with them will ensure a good positioning of the institutes in the Dutch research landscape. She will also advise the Executive Board about the institute’s portfolio and the missions of the individual institutes.

In addition to Miriam, Jan van der Boon has been appointed director of operations NWO-I. He will focus on the internal organisation and, in close consultation with the institute managers, he will further strengthen and professionalise the operational management, including the NWO-I office, in a manner appropriate to an organisation of almost 2000 employees.

More information

On the NWO-I website, you can find the statutes and the internal rules and regulations of NWO-I. If you would like to know more about the further development of NWO-I, then you can read the following background articles:



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